GPS Essentials

Welcome to GPS Essentials! You will find some more in-depth information about the famous Android GPS tool here.

GPS Essentials started in 2009 when I ported my Satellite Sky Map from Windows Mobile to Android. Then, after adding a map and the dashboard I thought it is time to share.

Since then, a lot of new features found their way into the codebase. Meanwhile, stability has been a major concern. As of this writing, 5 different versions of Android are out, and devices ship in as many different configurations as you can imagine.

Latest News

There is a Facebook Page for GPS Essentials that contains all updated information.



Please install GPS Essentials from Google Market whenever you can. This will ensure that you will receive notifications about new releases. Downloads from Google Market will also improve the App's ranking. You can also Download and install manually.

Error Reporting

I have a HTC Magic, a Nexus One (thanks Google :-) and a Nexus S to test with so receiving valuable feedback from the community is a key success factor. GPS Essentials has a builtin error reporting facility that uploads log files as "Force Closes" occur on a device.

If you are interested to see what's inside a typical error report, here is one.

The error reporting happens only after "Force Closes". Bugs that don't cause a crash are not transmitted. If you think something is wrong, drop me an email and I'll put the issue onto my list.