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Privacy Policy

When you run GPS Essentials, the app will collect data and store it. Data will be either stored on the device or in a web service.
Which data does GPS Essentials store?
GPS Essentials primarily stores any data you tell it to store. For example, when you are taking a picture, it is storing it. There are also things that GPS Essentials stores in addition to the data you specify, for example your current location, the orientation of your device or your battery level.
Where does GPS Essentials store data?
GPS Essentials stores all data in files on your local device. When you choose to do so, GPS Essentials will also upload data to a web service.
How does GPS Essentials share data?
GPS Essentials is making data available to entities other than you. One way to make data available is when you select any of the sharing features of GPS Essentials. For example, if you send a link of a shared stream, then everybody knowing the link potentially has access to the shared data.
When your app crashes, GPS Essentials is uploading diagnostics data to a server.
If you are running the free version of GPS Essentials, then data will also be shared with the advertising platform.

If you have questions about how GPS Essentials is storing or sharing data, please send an email to